New social center in Bucha., Kiev district, Ukraine.

Includes: public space, retail, lecture-concert hall, registration office, library, spaces for social activity for citizens.
We have implemented the retail function to help center earn the money for maintenance of the public space and the organization of social activities.

We have developed also the program for the social activities which will unite the citizens of Bucha. We have also proposed the strategy of implementation this program into the community.

There will be 5 facilitators working full day helping citizens to communicate. The program includes round tables, training, social meals, social games. The main instrument of facilitation is the round table.

The program touches all the aspects of the citizen life which will be the background to unite the city community and develop the new level of social climate.

Project team:

Vlad Goldakovskiy — design concept, modeling
Nikita Rudik — 3d visualization