YEAR: 2019

AREA: Area: 470M2


Working on the Cherdak space, we proceeded from several important criteria:

1. View. We have a great view of the city. The whole Vinnitsa is at a glance. For us, this is the most important design element, with which at least we did not want to argue, but rather identify and support. Simplicity of decoration, black background color - everything for this. The view is the main one.

2. The versatility of the use of landing. The ideology of space is such that today it is a cafe, tomorrow it is a space event with a lecture, the day after tomorrow it is a cowtrking. Therefore, furniture, light - everything is arranged so as to ensure ease of transformation and convenience.

We use several lighting schemes.

In one, we create a cozy, private space for meeting friends. A soft, warm spot of light falls on the table and gathers loved ones around it.

In another, with the common light, we create the atmosphere of an event space, where people learn and feel free, and in the evening they can find themselves in the light of concert colors.

4. Personal attitude towards the place and the guest.

The bar, which operates in different formats and events, is the central core for the architecture of the establishment. The stand is specially low and wide. So the guest can feel like at a common, communal table. It is easy to get acquainted with him in a large company. It is easy to make connections as well as communicate with the barista.

Materials and textures are as simple and warm to the touch. Therefore wood flooring and wood countertops.