PROJECT NAME: Mercure Hotel Kyiv
YEAR: 2011

AREA: 10000M2

WALL ART: Vlad Goldakovskiy


The architectural concept of the hotel Cosmopolite was designed by Vlad Goldakovskiy, for ADC Group in 2009-2011. The construction began in 2010 and finished in 2012.

The core consept for the design was the dedication for the Soviet avantguard style. Each room floor has a main consept scenario connected to on of the 5 famous artists in soviet avantguard: Rodchenko, Malevich, Exter, Burluk, Kandinskiy.

The Hotel is the part of the Cosmopolite Retail center designed by ADC Group in previous period.

When i started to make first scetches of the hotel, i had some different volume variations with the same technical and economic indicators.

It consist of:

- 135 rooms on 5 guest rooms - 10 suits, and 125 standart rooms, 10 interconnected rooms

- one restaurant on the ground floor with beer production, working mostly for outside guests comming for dinner

- restaurant on the first floor with the breakfast area for the hotel guests

Waiting zone. I have designed all the rugs in the lobby and throughout the hotel. I have drawn the models of the rugs in vector and sent it to production EGE factory.

Also a big wall carpet designed by Vlad Goldakovskiy. You can find a quote by Albert Einstain in the bottom of it; "Reality is merely an illusion albeit a very persistent one. This rug also works with the Suprematist tradition.